Preparation of graphic files

  • LymphoSign Journal strongly urges authors to send their figure files for journal production as one of the following extensions: *.eps, *.tif, *.pdf, *ai, *.jpg, *.doc, or *.xls.
  • These file types can be created by exporting or saving within most common software programs to create the figure file.
  • Do not use any compression to *.tif files (e.g., LZW) when saving or exporting, and please use the D_no OPI or High Quality Print option in Adobe Acrobat Distiller, when creating a figure *.pdf file.
  • For bitmaps, please submit a file with a minimum resolution of 300 dpi for halftones and colour, and a minimum resolution of 600 dpi for line art, at final size.
  • If you are submitting a *.jpg file, it must have a minimum resolution of 300 dpi and be saved with "maximum quality" at final size.
  • Name the figure files using the following format., (where xxx is the file extension, e.g. ai, eps)
  • Embed imported parts (do not link them).
  • Embed non-standard fonts or else convert the text to curves.
  • When possible, use symbols and (or) different line types rather than colour to help differentiate data.
  • When choosing shades of gray and colour in a figure please note the following:
    • Fills and outlines should be greater than 10% black.
    • Avoid using light colours such as: yellow, light yellow, chalk, or pale yellow.
  • Multipanel figures:
    • Rather than sending four files (e.g., Figure1a.tif, Figure1b.tif, Figure1c.tif), the three parts should be assembled into one piece and supplied as one file.

List of accepted formats for journal production

PC Software
File Extensions (Save As or Export)
Adobe Acrobat *.pdf
Adobe Illustrator CS4 or lower *.ai, *.eps
Adobe Photoshop CS4 or lower *.tif, *.jpg
MS Excel *.xls, *.xlsx
MS Word *.doc, *.docx

Electronic Submission

All files must be submitted electronically via ScholarOne. Please note that low-resolution files should be uploaded during the original submission in ScholarOne, and high-resolution files should be uploaded once the manuscript has been accepted.